Les Best of November 2014

November 26, 2014


Simplicity in the city goes a long way both aesthetically and sometimes just for your well being. Take example this outfit. I was having a bad morning and literally did not know what to wear. Too many fussy accessories and… Keep Reading

November 25, 2014


As you may have noticed, my style is consistently changing, and it goes with my mood of the day, whether it be sweet, sassy, cheeky, corporate, hood slash sometimes a mix of all of the above. It is one thing… Keep Reading

November 25, 2014

Bird’s The Word  

Jenny Bird‘s jewel goodness in those coins, bibs, medallions and weaves -guys for real wear every accessory at once, because you can and you will feel like the goddess that you are. #LesBestApproved Regram the sale FLYER (on Instagram) &/or… Keep Reading

November 21, 2014


Sexiness can be found in sheer proportions. Take for example this dress from #thateklife – the few inches that are sheer that make the dress a bit longer actually amps up how sexy you feel and look without too much… Keep Reading

November 20, 2014

Moon and Back  

We are over the moon to be included in the Canadian Street Style Lookbook this week ! Thank you to the Backseat Stylers team ! Check out their entire post here ! Photograph by the incredibly talented Jeremie Andrew ! xoxo, Les Best.

November 20, 2014

That Good Good  

Ya’ll know I don’t promote something unless I’m a fangirl of it…#fact… Can we please just have a moment of silence …… a moment of silence for all that Jenny Bird goodness in those coins, bibs, medallions and weaves –… Keep Reading

November 19, 2014

French Girl Vibes  

I’m reading #howtobeparisian wherever you are right now and le mister is French (…. and now you know), so I feel like I resonate to a lot of what is going on in the book, mentality wise, how life has… Keep Reading

November 18, 2014


That glare though….. when you have 20-20 vision (I know blessed and not complaining one bit), you want to wear glasses. Its like that whole, ‘when you have curly hair your straighten it’ and ‘when you have straight hair your… Keep Reading

November 17, 2014

BAE Street  

Buy, Sell, Short, Long, Bear, Bull, Arb, that and other jargon and serious potty mouth situations are a part of the Les Best day on Bay Street aka what I have coined as BAE Street. As many of you know,… Keep Reading

November 14, 2014

Main Whip  

Some people pose by their cars, this girl however only rolls around on bicyclette’s. Mine are made by Abici Italia and are such a dream.  BAE Street work wear got me in some opposite fabrics for this cold weather. Silk trousers… Keep Reading

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