March 23, 2016
Power is Beautiful

Power Is Beautiful

    Oh you know, casually waiting for my 5:00 AM in the window sill, like YOU LATE! POWER CAN BE BEAUTIFUL. When you look strong and powerful, you feel strong and powerful, and all of the that energy exudes a… Keep Reading

September 2, 2015
From BAY to BAE - Tranistioning with Margiela and Jenny Bird X Indigo - [ ‎] #LaVieLesBest #Fashion

Bay to Bae

  Being a transition from Bay Street-finance life, to as what I refer to Bae Street aka the fashion stylist-creative collaborative side of me, I need a lot of pieces, be it clothing and accessories that allow me the ability to… Keep Reading

October 31, 2012

 A serious THING for RINGS  

As you may have noticed (how could you not), I have a THING for RINGS. I love them. I seriously remember when I was a little girl, my mom would have 3 or 4 per hand (not Mr. T styles,… Keep Reading

April 25, 2012

Is that a plastic engagement ring (on the wrong hand?!) ??

Well … actually it’s an acrylic diamond ring by:AMT – isn’t it one of the most interesting, whitty piece’s of jewellery you have seen? by:AMT’s designs are made by a designer by the name of Alissia Melka-Teichroew who went to… Keep Reading