July 8, 2015

Confessional with Kérastase


These are my confessions (insert a little Usher). We all have them, our hair confessions, the stresses we do to our tresses. Clearly mine would make my hair magician cringe, but its the truth I do (and sometimes at my desk) – eeeks!

Now that I have confessed, what are yours? Have you tried “speaking to someone”? I spoke to my Thérapiste (Resistence) aka I have been using the Kérastase line for the last month now, which includes the hair mask, shampoo, conditioner and double serum and they are truly luxurious. The conditioner you actually use before you shampoo, which shows the depth and quality of the product. I use the mask once a week and the serum after I wash my hair. I have definitely found that my hair is much stronger and breaks less at the ends. “Speaking” to my Thérapiste really did help!

Jacket: Understated Leather

Bar Necklace: Anice

Watch: Jaeger LeCoultre

Bracelet: Hermes

Pearl Ring: Chanel

Photography: Marlee Maclean

Check out the first episode of the Hair Confession here, its hilarious!

p.s. if you use the code THERAPISTE in your cart, you will receive the full line-up in sample size. Tell them Les Best sent you!


Les Best.

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