November 18, 2015


#LaVieLesBest is all about a lifestyle. I have so many of you asking me questions regarding a plethora of topics that I text or email you back with. I decided that I would start sharing that “vie” on Les Best with you! To get started the hashtag that I have been using on social – #GetOutHere !

Toronto ! From November 19 – 21, #GetOutHere with Live to experience Les Best of winter training.

If you have been following my Snapchat and Instagram, you have seen a mini glimpse on something massive that’s taking place in the city! Live, is a massive crate that will be situated at 229 Richmond Street West for three days, until it is whisked away to another Canadian city.

At Live you will be able to preview the cold weather innovations first hand. I became a winter runner last year through the cold weather technology. I remember telling all my friends how easy it was to run outside with the help of the right technology. When I’m saying it was easy to become a winter runner, I kid you not!

You all know how obsessed I am with my running regiment but I really got serious about it this spring and summer through what I learnt via conversations with my Nike Toronto Coaches. Key tips, some great tricks, advice, fueling and tactics.

With run, comes training balance to keep those joints and muscles stacked and working coherently. NTC (Nike Training Club) classes provide just that.

Now imagine you could experience all of that? Well you can! Register NOW – HERE!

Oh an added bonus, regarding the fact that now delivers to Canada is that you have the perfect chance to meet with a NikeID Expert to customize YOUR shoe top to bottom !! It’s super dope and I can’t wait to reveal to you the Les Best take on a fashion / function sneaker.

There is NO TIME LIKE NOW, Besties, #GetOutHere.


Les Best.


Nathalia Allen

Tyler Hayward

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