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July 8, 2015
Les-Best-Confessions-EN Amy Patel Kerastase

Confessional with Kérastase

  These are my confessions (insert a little Usher). We all have them, our hair confessions, the stresses we do to our tresses. Clearly mine would make my hair magician cringe, but its the truth I do (and sometimes at my… Keep Reading

February 6, 2015

Tuxedo Styles  

Look numero deux for NYE dinner was a little tuxedo dress, which I have been searching for, forever by the way, to no avail of my liking, to even contemplating DIY’ing one.  In my searches however, I found one by… Keep Reading

January 14, 2015


What does inspiration pulling from Jenna Lyons, Missy Elliot and Bill Nye the Science Guy equate to?  THIS LOOK ! Pretty much Les Best 2015 has started off on a sporty side and we are all game, no pun intended, slash… Keep Reading

January 12, 2015


That athletic school girl trend, you know? Well if you don’t here it is. An ounce of comfort, an ounce of repellent (of the man kind, thanks Leandra), an ounce of what the?…, an ounce of a double take and… Keep Reading

November 26, 2014


Simplicity in the city goes a long way both aesthetically and sometimes just for your well being. Take example this outfit. I was having a bad morning and literally did not know what to wear. Too many fussy accessories and… Keep Reading

November 18, 2014


That glare though….. when you have 20-20 vision (I know blessed and not complaining one bit), you want to wear glasses. Its like that whole, ‘when you have curly hair your straighten it’ and ‘when you have straight hair your… Keep Reading

November 12, 2014

regram @thecoveteur

Can we please have a moment of silence ? That time thecoveteur regrammed a little Les Best ! We died, went to heaven, sashayed back into resurrection.  Phoebe knows best and Les Best knows Les Best. xoxo, Les Best.

September 30, 2014

These Little Videos of Mine  

I’m gonna make them shine! I’m having so much fun with these video’s recently. Check out my version of Change Clothes ! xoxo, Les Best. (Source: http://www.tumblr.com/)

September 26, 2014

Selfie Nation  

…. and the best mirror to take selfies in Toronto goes to – The Four Seasons bathroom. BUT ACTUALLY.  Total transparency here; Sometimes when we go to The Four Seasons for a drink and I don’t have to use the… Keep Reading

September 24, 2014

Layered Like A Little Tier Cake  

And I am referencing my skirt, but I’ll get back to styling that in a secondsecond done (and on to styling)! So I decided to be playful in my styling. I wore Nicolas Ghesquière (LV), my single earring and a piece,… Keep Reading

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