January 26, 2015

J’adore DIOR  

As of late, as in as of Raf (Simons), I CAN’T stop, but be obsessed with all accessories by Dior. Raf and his team have really changed the voice and vision of a once jewellery and accessory line which donned… Keep Reading

March 10, 2014

Quelle heure est-il?  

(monsieur loup…) DAYLIGHT SAVINGS baby ! More sun, a few days of adjusting and feeling exhausted, and maybe even being unfashionably late, but all in the name of longer days! yay! Having more vitamin D in your day, makes you happier,… Keep Reading

March 7, 2014

em>Y.S.L. are the letters that spell..

It’s a high five moment to see Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent bringing back the iconic YSL logo into his accessories this season! Trust me, it got me REAL excited. There are some things you just can’t eff with, and… Keep Reading

February 19, 2014

All HAIL (Mc)Queen  

London Calling? It sure is. Skull Ring: Alexander McQueen Gold Wrap Around Skull Ring with red crystals as the eyes. I love the beautiful detail of this piece! Especially the eyes. I paired it with some of my favourite usuals.… Keep Reading

February 3, 2014

Maverick Monday  

June Ambrose made me do it. No lie. She is one of my many stylespiration’s on a daily basis. I love her cool and confident vibe, which exudes 100% in her own personal styling. I decided to rock an over-the-top fur… Keep Reading

January 15, 2014


Accessorize the $#!+ of my life – yes that what I do. Head band: Forever 21 Your left: Suzy Shier gator ring X grandmas X Anice Peace X H&M  X Anice signet. Your right: McQueen X Heels and Bowties knuckle… Keep Reading

December 16, 2013

Pretty Parrot Pooping  

How special is this gem? I love it because you can wear it with a simple t-shirt, sweater or even with a simple cocktail dress and it shines bright like the beauty it is. I also love all the playful… Keep Reading

November 1, 2013

 Business Tie  

This necklace doubles as a tie. I mean BUSINESS. Necklace: Michael Kors Turtleneck: probably the most comfortable one I own – T. Babaton xoxo, Les Best.

October 22, 2013

 Shiny Disco Ball  

Bling rings, things and steezeee.  What the heck does the above mean? You know… blinged out rings, necklaces and ensuring there is bling on your garments as well. Now that we are clarified, I can take you through where everything… Keep Reading

October 5, 2013

  Saturday Special 

Today we’re WERKing on a bunch of fun things for Les Best and I wanted to share my essentials for the day. 1.) Cire Trudon – Spiritus Sancti room spray – AMBIANCE is KEY. 2.) Macbook Pro – WERK. 3.)… Keep Reading

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