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March 23, 2016
Power is Beautiful

Power Is Beautiful

    Oh you know, casually waiting for my 5:00 AM in the window sill, like YOU LATE! POWER CAN BE BEAUTIFUL. When you look strong and powerful, you feel strong and powerful, and all of the that energy exudes a… Keep Reading

January 14, 2015


What does inspiration pulling from Jenna Lyons, Missy Elliot and Bill Nye the Science Guy equate to?  THIS LOOK ! Pretty much Les Best 2015 has started off on a sporty side and we are all game, no pun intended, slash… Keep Reading

January 13, 2015


Legit – Street X Style. Currently obsessed with rocking socks with heels, especially the sporty kind. Rocking Nike socks reminds me of my tomboy days when I would buy socks with “name brands” just to show off. Yes I went… Keep Reading

November 18, 2014


That glare though….. when you have 20-20 vision (I know blessed and not complaining one bit), you want to wear glasses. Its like that whole, ‘when you have curly hair your straighten it’ and ‘when you have straight hair your… Keep Reading

October 1, 2014


Since there are a limited amount of days to be able to wear shorts, I am continuing to do it and am hanging on by a thread! As such, I paired them with a sweet jumper from Nor Black Nor… Keep Reading

August 7, 2014


Pronounced Season – I know you were going to ask – related to a hand gesture (not pictured) called TOPSZN done by Johnny Manziel, a Texas A&M Aggies College football player. Now that you’ve got that relevant information let me… Keep Reading

July 18, 2014

Ummm Your BRA is showing  

It sure is. The necessity to post this, is the beautiful lace detail. I went on a bra-hunt – the equivalent of a manhunt to find this lace dream made by the woman who epitomizes minimal Parisian chic – Isabel… Keep Reading

July 16, 2014

Leather Weather (always)  

I mean, I am sweating balls – but it’s worth it. Black on Black on Black details and look to follow! xoxo, Les Best.

July 15, 2014

That FRENCH Girl  

You know who she is. 1.) She is effortlessly cool (I put in the effort and am not that cool). 2.) She walks around with perma high heels on cobblestone with such grace! (I am the most sensitive, so I… Keep Reading

June 9, 2014


What. Would. Wu. Do.? Last week on my instagram I noticed someone “took a photo of me” aka posted a picture and tagged me in it – whom you may ask ? Wutangbrand ! They re-posted an older photo of mine, which immediately… Keep Reading

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