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March 23, 2016
Power is Beautiful

Power Is Beautiful

    Oh you know, casually waiting for my 5:00 AM in the window sill, like YOU LATE! POWER CAN BE BEAUTIFUL. When you look strong and powerful, you feel strong and powerful, and all of the that energy exudes a… Keep Reading

July 8, 2015
Les-Best-Confessions-EN Amy Patel Kerastase

Confessional with Kérastase

  These are my confessions (insert a little Usher). We all have them, our hair confessions, the stresses we do to our tresses. Clearly mine would make my hair magician cringe, but its the truth I do (and sometimes at my… Keep Reading

February 6, 2015

Tuxedo Styles  

Look numero deux for NYE dinner was a little tuxedo dress, which I have been searching for, forever by the way, to no avail of my liking, to even contemplating DIY’ing one.  In my searches however, I found one by… Keep Reading

December 22, 2014


Since you all have been asking what my hair regime is, what my tips are and the products I use, I got to show #thatEKlife how I achieve my aggressive part aka my combover documented by Jeremie Andrew and featured on… Keep Reading

December 16, 2014

The First Major Snowfall  

The first snowfall happened here in Toronto and it was a big one. Instead of opting for that all black dark and dreary look that so many of us (I included) are used to, I decided to go light and… Keep Reading

December 15, 2014

To be or (what I want to be) … Parisian  

Lately, I have been obsessed with the Parisian. She’s just so magical, delightful and really doesn’t give an eff. She also dresses pretty classically, which makes her timeless. Investing in those things these days is what is pretty important to… Keep Reading

December 10, 2014

LES BEST X EK X Art X Fashion  

Thank you to everyone that came out to meet Les Best learn about the Les Best Life, which embodies style, art, fashion, culture, cocktails and that Parisian lifestyle. Our guests were invited to meet me! (hiii!), preview #thateklife SS15 samples (stunning) and… Keep Reading

November 25, 2014


As you may have noticed, my style is consistently changing, and it goes with my mood of the day, whether it be sweet, sassy, cheeky, corporate, hood slash sometimes a mix of all of the above. It is one thing… Keep Reading

November 25, 2014

Bird’s The Word  

Jenny Bird‘s jewel goodness in those coins, bibs, medallions and weaves -guys for real wear every accessory at once, because you can and you will feel like the goddess that you are. #LesBestApproved Regram the sale FLYER (on Instagram) &/or… Keep Reading

November 21, 2014


Sexiness can be found in sheer proportions. Take for example this dress from #thateklife – the few inches that are sheer that make the dress a bit longer actually amps up how sexy you feel and look without too much… Keep Reading

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