July 8, 2015
Les-Best-Confessions-EN Amy Patel Kerastase

Confessional with Kérastase

  These are my confessions (insert a little Usher). We all have them, our hair confessions, the stresses we do to our tresses. Clearly mine would make my hair magician cringe, but its the truth I do (and sometimes at my… Keep Reading

February 12, 2015

Valentines Day  

That big V day D day is around the corner. You know that thing that the proverbial ‘they’ say, when you look good you feel good. So I’d say, screw what your status is, relationship, REALationship, friendship, complicated, grey areas… Keep Reading

February 11, 2015


I love me a real good jumper, a onesie, a full bodysuit – whatever you like to refer to it as, but I love it for day and night. Think about it’s simplicity, it is a full outfit that you really… Keep Reading

November 25, 2014


As you may have noticed, my style is consistently changing, and it goes with my mood of the day, whether it be sweet, sassy, cheeky, corporate, hood slash sometimes a mix of all of the above. It is one thing… Keep Reading

August 25, 2014


Remember this?  Well my newest inspiration for my #sweatstyle is CHURCH in the WILD aka keeping classy in the concrete jungle! Tips on a few things: 1.) An A line skirt (aka the style I am wearing), is perfect for… Keep Reading

August 20, 2014


Born and raised and 100% proud of where I’m from (another relevant musical link)! What was your favourite thing about the place you grew up? I’ll list a few for me: – playing in a steel pan team in highschool and… Keep Reading

August 8, 2014

Citronella ella ella eh eh eh  

It’s good for you – I usually start my day off with lemon water (using real lemons and water), it does the right things, cleanses your liver, gives you energy and pumps your immune system to be a stronger you… Keep Reading

July 4, 2014

That RED, WHITE and BLUE  

Happy Independence America and for you, I show my independent womanly side with some skin. That whole #mycalvins campaign has started again where CK is encouraging you to show them your Calvin’s. I remember being in high school dressing like… Keep Reading

June 24, 2014

A case of the #Cabbie aka #Cabfie  

Sometimes a great crotch shot gives you the perfect glimpse of everything without the fuss of the perfect screwface. Summertime Essentials: 1.) A floral play-suit – Forever 21 – fun and flirtatious and one outfit without the hassle of thinking… Keep Reading

June 23, 2014

The Story  

As a kid, say 9 ish years old with a CD ROM drive (no joke), on my family computer I was obsessed with this geography CD that I would look at literally daily like a nerd. Those where the days… Keep Reading

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