February 5, 2016

Winter Skin: Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie

Winter skin is the worst. It’s dry, ashy and tired looking regardless of how much energy you actually have internally, externally your body is telling you something. The KEY is to exfoliate.

Exfoliating your skin has many benefits including:

* Detoxification

* Getting rid of dead skin and the promotion of healthy skin regeneration

* Prevention of ingrown hairs

* Improvement of your skin tone

* Absorption of product onto your skin

* Helping in reducing fine lines and cellulite


I have always loved the Miraj Hammam Spa in Toronto located inside the Shangri-La Hotel. The facilities are great and the service I get is always the same, a Deep Tissue Massage.  So I decided to try something new; New Year, New Amy right? I tried the Divine Body Treatment.

Treatment Details:

The treatment was basically heaven. It started off with a 30 minutes of a body scrub applied to my entire body, front and back, nooks and crannies and all of that jazz. The scrub is made in-house with brown sugar, a Caudalie’s oil with grapeseed, argan, hibiscus, sesame oils, with lovely vanilla and rose undertones. It was followed by a 10 minute steamed shower, where you literally rinse without soap for 10 minutes and your skin already feels like silk and butter combined. You then get back on the heated table and are treated to a 30 minute massage with a Caudalie Divine Oil, which is better absorbed on your skin as a result of the exfoliation process and where you tell the RMT all of your life problems and about your stiff back and tight legs – yay.

Post Treatment:

My skin felt so soft and looked amazing. It look renewed and had a glow to it, even better than when I DIY exfoliate in the shower. I also moisturize daily with different oils and noticed that my skin wasn’t as dry at the end of the day.


* Don’t shave the day of your treatment, it will cause irritation from the exfoliating.

* Use the pool, sauna and exercise facilities prior to your treatment as you will want to keep the oils on your body for as long as possible.


Me. Les Best – most relaxed and dazed selfie post treatment.


Experience the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Amy Patel Les Best 7

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